Emirates Driving Company and First Security group signs MOU


The Emirates driving company and the First security group have signed a Memorandum of understanding for establishing a joint venture with equal stake for developing quality training facilities and other measures to enhance road safety in the Emirates.

The MOU was signed in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Minister of Interior at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police.

Major General Sharafuddin Sharaf, the Chairman of the First Security group and Mr.Tayeb Al Kamali the chairman of the emirates driving company signed the memorandum of understanding. Several Senior Officers of the Abu Dhabi Police and other dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

Bothe companies according to the cooperation agreement will initiate measures to establish quality driving institutes like the one which is in operation in Abu Dhabi, shortly in Dubai and in other emirates later. The objective is to establish quality institutions to provide training in all aspects of safety and security as well as assure the road safety of the public and the vehicles.

The strategies to this will be developed according to the requirements of each situation. This kind of cooperative development programs are required to assure to sustain the faster growth that the UAE is witnessing, said the chairman while addressing the press after the signing ceremony.

They both have praised the initiative that His Highness is taking for providing the latest technology and facilities to the people of this country. The venture will go a long way in supporting the progress and assuring the safety and security especially the road safety of the country, he said.

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