Dubai Police Chief visits Abu Dhabi Police stall at the Gtiex


Commander in chief of the Dubai Police, Lt.Gen.Dhahi Kalfan Tamim yesterday visited ‎the Abu Dhabi Police stall at the Gtiex in Dubai.‎

Officers of the Abu Dhabi Police explained the various e-services provided by the Abu ‎Dhabi Police, its e-gate technology installed at the Abu Dhabi international air port and ‎other entry points, the Iris scan technology implemented to enhance the security and ‎preventing the illegal entrants to the country and other services implemented at the traffic ‎department and investigation departments.‎

Lt.Gen.Dhahi kalfan lauded the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Police in enhancing the ‎technology applications in public service and other security matters and exchanged his ‎views and experience with the Abu Dhabi Police officers on duty at the Gtiex stall.‎

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