Drug dealer nabbed with hallucinatory tablets
The Abu Dhabi Police have nabbed one of the drug dealers red handed with 7.18kg of narcotic tablets –a total 44,935 hallucinatory tablets in his possession.
Manufactured in Western Europe, the tablets were meant for sale here against dh50 per tablet.
One of the drug shipments was monitored and tracked down at one of the Arab international airports. The drugs had been stuffed in the in the spare parts of a caterpillar, according to Lt.Col.Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi, head of the anti drugs department.
The culprit who was on a two month visit visa was dreaming of quick wealth, even if unlawful. He decided on trading in drugs .yet he was under the close surveillance of the Abu Dhabi Police .they tracked him down all the time and intercepted him in the very act.
An undercover agent posed as a drug trafficker and purchased a huge quantity of drugs against Dh260, 000, Al Shamsi added. The convict arrived at the agreed location and time handed the undercover two plastic bags full of hallucinatory tablets and took the cash. He was overjoyed and offered to bring more narcotics. But before he could realize what was happening, he was rounded up by the Abu Dhabi anti drug policemen.
The accused was found to have traded in drugs in one of the GCC Countries, and planned to earn more money. He came to UAE on a visit visa and received the shipment of drugs hidden in a caterpillar.
Al Shamsi hailed the support from His Highness Lt.Gen. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Minister of Interior, to his department in fighting against the drug menace. The efforts against the anti drug enforcement will continue in the future as well, he added.
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