Participants in the inaugural Distinguished Leadership Competencies Program organized by the Ministry of Interior and supervised by the Creativity and Leadership Development Center at the General Secretariat of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, reviewed the plans established by the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs sector, as well as the projects, initiatives, and operational plans in this important and vital sector.

This came during a field visit made by the program’s participants to the Naturalization Residency and Ports Affairs Department, after successfully passing the Change and Development Management course that was organized by Afaq Leadership Development Center. Upon their arrival, participants were greeted by Brigadier Ghareeb Mohammed Al Hosani, Director General of Ports and Airports; Colonel Mohammed Hammoud Al Nabhani, Chief of the Strategic Planning Section at the Naturalization, Residency, and Ports Sector.

The visit is a part of the inaugural Distinguished Leadership Competencies Program, which aims at providing participants with experience and knowledge in various sectors at the Ministry of Interior.

Participants were briefed on the strategic plan for the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs sector and the most important challenges encountered by the sector, in light of the population growth and diversity of nationalities in the country. They also highlighted the importance of such programs, aimed at qualifying human cadres in order to develop police work.

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