The Emergency and Public Safety Department at Abu Dhabi Police has set up an automatic defibrillator (for cardiopulmonary resuscitation) at the Emirates Park Zoo. The move comes in response to the instructions of the police commands to provide defibrillators in various places across the UAE that are often frequented by the public.

A specialized training crew from the Emergency and Public Safety Department has taken the responsibility to train the park’s personnel and visitors on how to locate and operate the device. The trainings are intended to prepare such individuals to be able to provide this service if necessary.

The Emergency and Public Safety Department has previously installed defibrillators in various locations throughout the UAE, which include a number of malls, institutions, and various other sites.

The defibrillator is used when an individual shows symptoms of a heart attack or circulatory failure (ischemia). Symptoms include fainting, irregular breathing, weak or absent pulse, or absence of any signs of circulatory activity.

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