The National Health Insurance Company, Daman, organized an educational medical program for members of the Ministry of Interior in collaboration with the Purchase and Warehouses Department at the Finance and Support Services General Department of the Ministry. The program was held for two days at the Ministry’s headquarters, and was attended by large numbers of officers, non-commissioned officers, civilians, and the Ministry’s staff.

The program focused on spreading health information that will contribute to the overall reduction of the incidence of diseases, and allow people to detect early signs of illnesses such as blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and others through a health scanning system included in the program.

Dr. Alfons Grabosch, Daman’s Health Support Manager said: “This program is an important initiative aimed at providing the best methods to spread health awareness among the members of the Ministry of Interior. The program also aims at identifying and introducing protective measures by performing lab tests to detect a number of diseases.”

He added: “The program included blood pressure and diabetes tests, height and weight measurements, fat proportion tests, and body mass index calculations using specialized and modern devices. Awareness brochures were distributed, shedding light on many diseases and health situations, such as: ‘Pregnancy and birth care program,’ ‘Your guide to understanding diabetes,” and ‘Everything you want to know about ways to control diabetes.’”

Grabosch continued: “The program is the first-of-its-kind provided by Daman to members of the Ministry of Interior. It will be followed by other programs to spread health awareness and early detection of various chronic and widespread diseases. He pointed out that Daman will prepare and supply individual reports to the participants in the program about their health conditions following their tests. The reports will include important tips and proper health guidance.

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