The Customer Service Excellence Diploma Project Committee checked on the second batch of students enrolled in the Customer Service Excellence Diploma program in five training areas across the UAE. The committee members communicated with the students, who expressed satisfaction with the easygoing and seamless academic environment, and the modern educational amenities provided to enable them to achieve scientific excellence.

The second batch includes a total of 324 students. Students include 286 MoI staff members (front desk employees, and 38 customer service employees from partner departments at the various ministries. Graduates will be awarded the Certified Business Professional (CBP) Customer Service international certification.

The committee was chaired by Lieutenant Colonel Nasser Khadem Al Ka’bi, Head of the Customer Service Department at the General Directorate of Strategy and Performance Development at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior. The committee members were briefed by the students on the academic program workflow; opinions were exchanged opinions about the academic environment provided by the MoI, to enable them to achieve excellence in the Customer Service Diploma.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Ka’bi expressed his delight with the advanced levels attained by  the students, according to the Diploma’s program, which  was designed in cooperation with Etisalat Academy, based on the Emirates Government Excellence Program standards, with a view to achieve the UAE 2021 Vision.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Ka’bi explained that the Diploma program includes academic training and lectures that aim to improve staff members’ behavior and skills while dealing with all different categories of  customers.“Time management planning, plan designing, respect, positive attitude and the best strategic solutions, initiatives and projects in customer service fields will be essential components of the program, which aims to qualify staff members and improve their  skills,” said Lieutenant Colonel Al Ka’bi .

Moreover, Lieutenant Colonel Al Ka’bi noted that as part of the second phase of the Diploma, five straining areas were designated in Abu Dhabi, including the cities of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Bida Zayed; Dubai, will host employees of Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah; while Ras Al Khaimah will host employees of Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. He explained that this distribution will make it easier for employees to join the program and follow the four months training program at two days per week, in collaboration with Etisalat Academy in Dubai.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Ka’bi added: “The diploma is based on the Emirates Government Excellence Program, with a view to attain the 7-star level in the provision of government services. It also reinforces the efforts exerted by government agencies to advance customer service methods, and improve customers’ experience while dealing with federal entities. It is an important development project focused on qualifying human cadres and enhancing their skills, particularly service providers in all sectors of the Ministry of Interior.”

In conclusion, Lieutenant Colonel Al Ka’bi said: “The Professional Customer Service Excellence Diploma is recognized by the International Business Training Association (IBTA). It is the first Arab program designed for customer service employees of the government sector.  The diploma is a modern and developed curriculum that provides theories, means and mechanisms  aimed at upgrading  participants’ skills and knowledge, and improving the conduct of service providers, with a view to attain the  7-star level in the provision of government services, as per the criteria of the Emirates Government Excellence Program.”

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