Course on Biometric technology for the Police personnel
The Security affairs department of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters is organizing a course on Biometric technology, its application and utility in handling security matters with precision.
Lt. Colonel Dr. Ahamed Abdullah, head of the criminal investigation department at the General Headquarters gave the details and importance of such course for the personnel in handling the security requirements in the modern times where the criminals resort to different tactics and technology to break the security laws.
The lecture titled the “Biometric and Genetic Imprint’ which will last for a week and touch upon various aspects of the biometric technology and its applications in the security and investigation process conducted by the Police.
The application of the Biometric scanning comes handy in criminal investigations and securing other evidences. The centralized data bank of the Biometric details of people prevents illegal entry to the country and also identifies fraudsters and other criminal record holders. The course will also give the participants information about the applications of DNA testing, said Colonel Dr.Ahammad Abdullah.
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