Computerized radar devices to monitor Abu Dhabi roads

 Time of offence, date, vehicle's speed and plate number will be registered


All traffic junctions in the capital will soon be equipped with digital counting timers .the timers are being introduced by the traffic department in coordination with the municipality and agricultural department.

 the illuminated digital timers will alert the motorist regarding the signal change at  all the traffic junctions, said Captain Engineer Hussain Ahmad  Al Harthy Head of the Engineering section of the Abu Dhabi traffic department.

 The functioning of the computerized radar devices installed on Abu Dhabi roads were on display at the ongoing security and safety exhibition. This device can take 5000 pictures of speeding vehicles with all details such as time, date, speed as well as the number plate of the vehicle. The poorest images can be improved for better vision and with these devices no one will be able to go Scot free incase of any traffic violations said Abdul Aziz Hamad Al Kaabi,of the Abu Dhabi police traffic department.

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