Community Police supports Police Friends program


Community Police department at Al Rahba Police station of the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police have organized a police friends program attended by Senior Officers of the department.

The workshop dealt with many issues related to Social security and Social safety.

The program was commenced during the first term of the school year which was a huge success as many students attended the police friends program .The quarrels and disputes among students have also came down considerably. Most of the students have shown keen interest in joining the program said Lt.Col. Abdullah Al Zaabi, Director of Al Rahba Police station.

It a very good opportunity for the students to express their complaints and other grievances which will be resolved accordingly, he added.

The program also gives the students to interact with the Police personnel as well as contribute their role in creating a safe and secured society by inculcating value orientation in their social behavior.

Many schools have shown deep interest in implementing such programs in their schools said Lt.Col.Al Zaabi.

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