The Community Police Department at the Abu Dhabi Police discussed its strategic objectives to strengthen its relationship and interaction with all segments of society through the development of effective partnerships that contribute to achieving rapid responses to all the needs of the community.

During a workshop held recently in Abu Dhabi, Lt. Colonel Mubarak Bin Muhairom, Head of the Community Police Department, highlighted the importance of providing creative and innovative initiatives that serve the public. “The Abu Dhabi Police are keen to boost its interaction and communication with the public in order to provide services that contribute to crime prevention,” he said.

The meeting addressed key initiatives that have been implemented over the past year, and those that will be launched during the current year. These initiatives aim to increase the confidence and satisfaction of the community regarding the efforts, initiatives and quality of services provided by the Community Police and to therefore deepen the public’s trust in the policing institution.

The workshop was attended by department heads, and a number of officers and experts from the Community Police at Abu Dhabi police

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