The Directorate General of Civil Defense appealed to the public to adopt preventive behaviors and avoid wrongful practices during Eid holidays by complying with the prevention and safety requirements and not to hesitate to request assistance from the Civil Defense at any time, for the purpose of firefighting and rescue operations on the emergency number 999 or 997.

According to Major General Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Civil Defense Acting General Commander-in-chief, the all Civil Defense stations across the country have confirmed their readiness to enhance public safety during the Eid holidays. He explained that the Civil Defense is a humanitarian entity whose function is to provide emergency services and various prevention and safety requirements to preserve lives, property and the environment.

He added:”Civil defense staff members regard these joyous and blessed days as an opportunity to express their keenness and commitment to instill tranquility and safety among the public”. He also highlighted the preventive role of the field teams in their various jurisdictions during the Eid holidays, to make sure that safety and prevention measures are met in public places, recreational areas,   shopping malls and all places where families meet during holidays.  

Moreover, Major General Al Matrooshi called upon the public to comply with the safety standards and conditions around the house, especially in the kitchen due to the increased use of flammable materials. He also highlighted the importance of preventive vigilance to avoid unsafe behaviors, which may cause fires and mar the joy of Eid.

On the occasion of Eid Al Adha, Major General Al Matrooshi called on families and community members to ensure that electric and gas cooking stoves in homes are up to safety standards, to seek the help of professional technicians to regularly check and fix any malfunction, prevent children from accessing kitchens in an effort to protect them from flames or hot liquids. He also advised them against using indoor barbecues or grills due to the risks of suffocation from toxic gases and fumes.

Moreover, Major General Al Matrooshi called on parents to keep an eye on their children in amusement parks, at the beaches, and or in high places. He called upon tent users to keep fire sources, stoves and electrical generators far away from tents and refrain from smoking inside. Furthermore, he indicated that light bulbs and wiring should be maintained at a sufficient distance from the tent’s fabrics.

In conclusion, Major General Al Matrooshi expressed his heartfelt congratulations and blessings to the higher leadership, the people of the UAE and to the Arab and Islamic nations; praying Allah Almighty to bless them with happiness and wellness.

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