Children’s safety campaign gains momentum

The children’s safety campaign being organized by the Abu Dhabi police is gaining momentum with larger community participation and initiatives of the police campaign team.
Child safety lecture was organized by the emergency and public safety department at the Abu Dhabi cultural foundation and another one at the transportation department.
Police courts section.
“Their life is precious” is the main theme of the campaign and will concentrate on child safety in swimming pools, inside vehicles and safety in high-rise buildings. The campaign will be run in close cooperation with all the segments of the society and will go on till September.
 Captain Jasim Mohammed safer head of public relations and moral guidance of the PR and mass media administration led the sessions which included distributing multilingual leaflets to the public and participants.
The campaign is going on in various parts of Abu Dhabi and western region by involving schools, hospitals, government departments and community members. The campaign aims to make the public and parents aware of the need to assure child safety on roads, buildings, and schools and while they are transported to the school and back said Captain Jasim Mohammed.
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