Colonel Hamad Mubarak bin Athath Al Ameri, Head of the Capital’s Traffic Department at the  Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, recently honored 90 distinguished officers and non-commissioned officers in recognition of their efforts and contributions to enhancing traffic safety levels during the past nine months of the current year. He also honored a number of distinguished employees for their commitment to performing their duties. This comes in line with the police leadership’s keenness to motivate human cadres and encourage them to deliver individual and team contributions to develop performance.

Colonel Mubarak bin Athath Al Ameri indicated that the honoring is part of the job incentive methodology aimed at improving performance, motivating   and encouraging human cadres to support the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ’s priority of making roads safer; in line with the Traffic and Patrols Directorate’s traffic safety strategy.

Moreover, Colonel Al Ameri called upon all individuals working at the Capital’s Traffic Department to double the efforts and to show further dedication in the performance of their duties in order to achieve the highest levels of traffic safety. “This honoring is a tribute to the sincere and unwavering efforts you made in discharging your duties in accordance with the best practices and standards. I sincerely hope that such accolades would be an incentive to encourage all staff members at the directorate to achieve excellence   and continuously strive to improve their performance according to the best international standards,” he said.

For their part, the honorees expressed their gratitude for this accolade, which they regarded as an incentive for them and their colleagues to exert additional efforts in order to achieve the coveted and distinguished goals; for the sake of maintaining road safety.

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