Capital police take part in world charity carnival


The Abu Dhabi Police have participated in the activities of the first international charity carnival organized by the British club, in Abu Dhabi yesterday. The carnival was also attended by the foreign communities residing in the country

First Lt. Khalid Al Feil, acting manager of the community and human relations section of the public relations and media department said the participation of the Abu Dhabi Police reflects the interests of the police to make constructive interactions with various communities residing in the country and exchange information and discuss issues related to mutual interest.

The police participation in the carnival was highly appreciated by the participants especially for the efforts of the police in organizing such activities.

Mike McGrath ,the director of the British club ,praised the positive participation of the police in the charity carnival ,which included fashion shows representing the continents of the world, walking on stlits,an a heritage exhibition of UAE which is aimed at achieving harmony between various cultures.

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