Tuesday 23 February 2010

CID Directors discuss security plans to fight crime

The Coordinating Committee of Criminal Investigation held its second meeting for 2010 at Khalifa Police Station (A) in Abu Dhabi. The meeting was chaired by Brigadier Abdullah Khamis Al Hadeedi, Director of RAK Criminal Investigation Department.

The meeting was attended by the CID Directors at UAE level. They discussed the phases of the strategic plan implementation and future work plans in crime prevention. They also discussed the implementation mechanisms of the security sector plan at each Emirate, under the general strategy of the Ministry of Interior. Problems and hindrances of plan implementation were also identified and discussed for appropriate solutions.

The present discussed the unified criminal security programmes at the country level. They also discussed coordination channels, exchange of experiences and information were brought forawar for discussion. Appropriate plans in line with the latest methods to keep pace with internal and external circumstances were studied as well. They recommended that awareness programmes and community campaigns were to go side by side with security plans.

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