Brigadier Hassan Al Housani lauds all the Media efforts for the 18 gulf cup

Brigadier Hassan al Housani, Director of the Public Relations and Mass Media Administration at the General headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police has lauded the wonderful efforts don by all the media agencies from Abu Dhabi and Dubai including the efforts of the media persons from his own department in giving top publicity and media coverage of the recently concluded prestigious gulf cup which the UAE lifted.
Detailing the media efforts he thanked all the Medias, print, radio and television channels from Abu Dhabi and Dubai for their excellent contribution in making the event a grant success.
He said that his department had left no effort unturned in coordinating with all the concerned departments and agencies for providing all the facilities for the timely communication and coverage of the event not only within the emirates but also to the region and across the world.
He also thanked all the people those who were directly and indirectly involved in making the 18th gulf cup a memorable event.
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