Friday: 16 April 2010:

Biker Paramedics graduated at Al Ain Traffic Institute


Colonel Mohammad Abdullah Nassib Al Nuaimi, Acting Director of Emergency and Public safety Department and Colonel Saeed Salim Al Yihyai, Head of Traffic Institute Section in Al Ain witnessed the graduation ceremony of five biker paramedics, on Wednesday. The course was organized during the period from 14/12 to 14 April 2010 at Al Ain Traffic Institute.

At the beginning of the ceremony the graduates presented a demonstration showing how to arrive at the site of injured persons in a shortest time. They also demonstrated command and control skills at roundabouts, how to deal with highways, how to stop in a sudden, how to maneuver and how to drive in rough terrain and closed areas.

Colonel Al Nuaimi said "This project is part of ADP strategy and development projects sponsored by the Department of Emergency and Public safety to promote rescue services delivered to different community segments in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The motorbikes driven by paramedics can move within crowded areas and can easily reach the site of the accident.

The course which continued for four months included introduction of the motorbike, public safety procedures, training on motorbike driving among vehicles, in rough terrain and other driving techniques.

Lt. Colonel Mohammad Ibrahim Al Amri, Head of Emergency and Public safety Section in Al Ain, owner of biker paramedic idea, said "The aim of the motorbike ambulance is to reduce arrival time to the site of the accident and injured person, to increase community trust in police and safety services, in addition to achieving highest standards of quality and public safety. These motorbikes can be used in most crowded areas in the city center, during events and during holidays". 

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