Better Community relationship vital for better policing



  Major General Mohammad Al Awadhi Al Minhali, acting Director General of Police Operations said that the nature of police responsibilities differ from that of other government organizations and departments. Police comes in direct contact with the public and different communities. Close cooperation between police and different communities will ensure better safety and security.

 Police organization alone cannot enforce law and order without cooperation of the communities. H.H Lt. Gen. Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minster of Interior has given the directives to provide quality service to the public by improving the delivery system and establishing good relationship with all the communities of our society ,he added.

  Ensuring Public satisfaction is one of the strategic priorities that aim to enhance community trust in police services. Trust and understanding between police and the community shall be mutual, as all community members are partners in maintaining security and stability, he added.

 Major General Al Mihali said that the children’s safety campaign that has been launched with this strategic initiative in mind. The campaign will go on for four months and will cover Abu Dhabi, Al Aain and Western Region.


  “Their life is precious” is the main theme of the campaign and will concentrate on child safety in swimming pools, inside vehicles and safety in high-rise buildings. The campaign will be run in close cooperation with all the segments of the society he added.

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