A visiting delegation from the Ministries of Interior and Health and the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) from the sisterly Kingdom of Bahrain were briefed on the National Ambulance Company (NAC)’s experience in providing pre-hospital medical care to the injured and sick using sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that are commensurate with the international standards in the field of first aid and ambulance service.

During their visit to the National Ambulance Company (NAC), the Bahraini delegation discussed with Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri, Deputy CEO of NAC, ways to enhance collaboration in the areas of aid and the exchange of expertise between the UAE and Bahrain to improve medical care in both countries. The visiting delegation included Dr. Mohammad Al Olayan, Director of the Ministry of Interior’s Hospital; Dr. Firas Abu-Ziad, Emergency Medicine Consultant and Head of Emergency Medicine and Ambulance Department at the King Hamad University Hospital; Dr. Osama Awwad, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant at the Military Hospital; and Dr. Hamad Al Kaabi, General Manager of Blue Med Healthcare Company.

Al Hajeri briefed the visiting delegation on the achievements, work and services provided by NAC. “These services personify the vision of the police leadership to activate partnership between public and private sectors, in a bid to provide ambulance services to community members in accordance with the best international standards and practices,” said Al Hajeri. Moreover, the Bahraini delegation reviewed the information and communication technologies that are used by NAC to ensure response to emergencies to internationally accepted response times.

The visiting delegation toured the Operations Room and was given an overview of the ways of processing and responding to reports, as soon as the emergency dispatcher receives the call and dispatches the ambulance vehicle, until the victim is transferred to the nearest health facility. The delegation was also briefed on the early warning systems used to notify emergency departments at hospitals about the patients or injured that are being transferred, in order to prepare to receive them. Members of the delegation also visited the Training and Education Section where they were acquainted with the training programs designed to develop the skills and knowledge of the medical staff, with a view to provide top quality care that is commensurate with the international best practices and standards. They were also introduced to a prototype of the ambulances used for emergency services in the Northern Emirates.

Dr. Mohammed Al Olayan, Head of the delegation, lauded the exceptional level attained by the National Ambulance Company (NAC) and expressing his admiration for the top quality services provide to the community. Moreover, he explained that the visit aims at reviewing NAC’s experience, leverage its expertise and learn about the Automatic guidance system. In conclusion, he expressed his hope that a similar system would be developed in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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