Major General Khalil Dawood Badran, Director General of Finance and Services at Abu Dhabi Police and Head of the Green Applications Team at the Ministry of Interior, honored the members of the media team for the deploying a culture of the Ministry’s green applications amongst all of the police general headquarters within the UAE. The media team members were honored in Major General Badran’s office on Sunday.

He also praised the media efforts and hard work that the team exerted in raising the awareness of the targeted audience of members, customers, partners, and suppliers. The media team highlighted the importance of adhering to safe environmental standards, encouraging environmentally protective behaviors and procedures, and limiting resources wastage.

The honored members of the Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior were: Captain Abdul Muttalib Ahmed Al Hammadi, Head of Media Studies and Campaigns; Abdullah Ibrahim Shaheen, Media Expert and Press Branch Manager; Joyce Bou Sader, TV Branch Manager; Lieutenant Fatima Al Shehhi, Head of the Social Media Center; and Lieutenant Fahad Ahmad Abdullah Al Harithi, Studies Branch Manager.

Major General Badran stressed that the MoI aspires to optimize the commitment made towards healthy behaviors regarding green applications, which will decrease the adverse effects on the environment that may result from its operations. In this regard, Major General Badran pointed out the important role that the media plays in its ability to reflect the strategy of the MoI and its endeavors to become a leader in sustainable environmental practices. By adopting the best international practices, the MoI aspires to conduct all of its operations with responsibility consistent with its vision and in accordance with the laws of environmental, health, and occupational safety.

“The Ministry has worked on the application of methodologies to achieve effective practices within the workplace as a clearly defined system for the supplication of environmentally friendly materials. To ensure long-term success, the initiatives and projects provide a framework that enable sustainable activities to be integrated within the daily activities of each organizational unit of the police institution. Programs regarding the strategic objectives of the Ministry have been established to contribute towards ensuring that these methods are properly implemented, and to this end, the MoI has relied on effective partnership with public and private sectors to foster environmental awareness amongst various personnel, staff members, and clientele,” he said. 

He also asserted that the MoI aims to maintain a sustainable environment and is continuously developing ways to encouraging police entities to adopt the best environmental solutions and green applications. This strategy aims to enhance quality of life and environmental performance, reduce resources consumption, and achieve the UAE’s National Strategy for Green Growth.

The honorees praised the interest of the higher leadership of the police in encouraging members to achieve its strategic objectives and visions. They also stressed their commitment to continue their work in spreading green applications awareness, and what it means to be environmentally-friendly. The honorees also vowed to implement these standards within the media networks by spreading awareness in written, visual, and audio forms, and to continue using the social media channels that have proven great success in reaching a wide audience that is comprised of all segments of society.

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