43-year old GCC national, identified as S. S. A. is sentenced to four years in prison for abuse of psychotropic substances, says he did not learn his lesson and appreciate the blessing of freedom following his release from the four-year prison term on a first offence.

With sadness and sorrow, (S.) says: “I had a prominent job and a beautiful family with 3 children. I was leading a peaceful and content life; but I did not thank God for his blessings. Instead, I started partying with friends who convinced me to try drugs for the first time, without knowing their dangers on both the health and society, and that their negative effects outweigh the buzz by so much; until I gradually became an addict. For my job requirements, I was sent to attend a training course in a Western country, where I was able to easily acquire all kinds of drugs. This caused me to delve yet deeper into addiction. Upon returning to the UAE, I kept seeking ways to find contentment through drugs, until I got arrested by detectives and sentenced to four years in prison on charges of drug abuse.”

(S.) pursues his story with addiction, torn with remorse and sorrow: “When I was released from prison after completing my first sentence, I was completely devastated. I had no one to care for me and help me out of my distress, and I could not find a job because I failed in issuing a certificate of good conduct. With all these failures, I had the misfortune of getting acquainted with drug dealers and professional addicts. Combined, these reasons caused me to relapse, fall prey to drug abuse, and get arrested and jailed for another four years that I would have to spend away from my wife, children, and parents. To tell you the truth, I feel ashamed.”

In conclusion, (S.) appealed to all young people without exception, and advised them against bad friends in order to avoid being fooled by those who fancy up drugs as the solution to all problems, because in fact, drugs are an affliction that destroys life and causes pain. He also warned young people against trying new things without knowing their consequences; pointing out that in most cases, victims are children who are easy prey to drug dealers and abusers for their lack of experience in life and lack of knowledge of the crimes that others weave.

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