The Ministry of Interior, represented by the Media and Public Relations Section at the Directorate General of Resources and Support Services, organized a health awareness lecture about the “MERS Coronavirus” at the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Sector. The lecture, held in collaboration with the Health Education Branch at the Medical Services Department of Abu Dhabi Police, was delivered by Dr. Ahmed Fathi, Internal Medicine specialist at the Medical Services Department.

In his lecture, Dr. Fathi provided participants with pertinent information about the MERS Coronavirus, highlighting its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Fathi urged everyone to not fear this virus, noting that supportive treatment is efficient and available at all State hospitals, as with any other contagious viral disease such as influenza virus and others.

Dr. Fathi also tackled the symptoms of the virus, which include shortness of breath, coughing and fever. He stressed the importance of taking appropriate precautions when contracting infectious diseases to avoid the virus transmission.

Furthermore, Dr. Fathi provided tips on how to deal with infectious diseases in general, and how to take necessary precautions to avoid the transmission of diseases such as the Hepatitis A.B.C.D and tuberculosis. He also gave a simplified presentation about the various types of infectious diseases and highlighted the Thalassemia disease, its genetic causes, risks, as well as cost and methods of treatment.

The lecture was attended by Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Ali bin Wadeema Al Ameri, Acting Director General of Resources and Support Services; Lieutenant Colonel Taleb Al Mahmoud, Chief of the Media and Public Relations Section at the Naturalization, Residence and Ports Sector; along with a number of officers, non-commissioned officers, staff members and female employees working at the Naturalization, Residence and Ports Sector.
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