The Medical Services Department organized an awareness lecture on firefighting and safety in emergency situations, in cooperation with the Emergency and Public Safety Department and the Strategy and Performance Development Department at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ. The lecture, held at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr hotel in Abu Dhabi, was delivered by the lecturer Abdullah Al Harithi from the Emergency and Public Safety Department, and attended by heads of section, branch managers and staff members of the Medical Services Department in Abu Dhabi.

It is worth mentioning that the lecture is in pursuance of the Medical Services Department’s strategy to spread the culture of prevention to ensure safety and prevention for all. It also aims to familiarize staff members of the medical services department with various types of fire extinguishers, methods to operate them and dealing with fires. It also intends to acquaint them with the evacuation, shelter and assembly schemes, to provide protection and safety to all members of society.

The lecturer tackled evacuation plans in cases of emergency, such as fires, earthquakes or any natural disaster, and the best way to handle such cases. Moreover, he highlighted the necessary procedures to be followed in the event of such potential incidents, using the color codes for emergency identification used globally in any health facility.

The lecturer also talked about the safety guide and the tasks and duties he undertakes during evacuation and shelter operations in cases of emergency.

At the end of the lecture, the floor was opened for discussion; the lecturer answered the attendees’ questions and queries.
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