An Asian man was arrested after he strangled his girlfriend to death in her room at an Abu Dhabi hotel. The girl, also an Asian, had entered the country on a tourist visa. Abu Dhabi Police investigators managed to identify the culprit and arrest him in the Western Region.

Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, revealed that the Operations Room recently received a notification about a woman found dead in one of the hotel’s rooms. "The competent police teams immediately rushed to the hotel and processed the crime scene. Preliminary examination indicated a suspected criminal offense and confirmed assassination by strangulation," he added.

Colonel Borshid explained that an investigation team was formed under the supervision of Lieutenant Colonel Juma'a Al Ka’bi, Chief of Psychological Crimes Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). "The team discovered that reservations were made by the 44 year-old Asian, identified as J. F, and that the victim, also of Asian nationality and identified as M. J (28 years old) had entered the UAE at one of the country's airports via a tourist visa," he said.

"The investigation team identified the culprit, as the same person who rented the room and determined his whereabouts. Ultimately, a patrol was dispatched to the Ruwais Industrial City in the Western Region, where the culprit was arrested in an  ambush within hours of receiving notification on the incident," he continued.

After being confronted with irrefutable evidence, the culprit confessed to killing the woman, with whom he had an affair. He explained that on the day of the murder, he had discovered that the victim was cheating on him with other men, so he wrapped his belt around her neck and strangled her to death, while she was lying on the bed.
Abu Dhabi Police referred the suspect and evidence to the public prosecution, to pursue further investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

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