Anti AIDS Campaign by Abu Dhabi Police
Abu Dhabi Police in cooperation with UNICEF is organizing a week long anti aids campaign in Abu Dhabi under the theme together for the kids together against aids
The campaign began on the 7th of this month and will go on till 13th of this month.
The campaign programs will be organized at various Ministries, Municipality, hotels,
and shopping malls, various departments of the Abu Dhabi police and at the Abu Dhabi International airport.
During the campaign anti aids posters will be placed at various ministries and other campaign locations besides distributing broachers with anti aids literature mentioning the causes of the disease, preventive measures and other steps to be taken for fighting aids.
Social guidance section at the department of Public relations and mass media administration at the General headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police called upon all the segments of the society to join the anti AIDS campaign and spread the message across the society and make the society free of aids.
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