An officer from Abu Dhabi obtains a Master in Media
A police officer from Abu Dhabi Police GHQ received a Masters degree in media studies from Victoria University in Australia with a very good estimate which comes under attention and interest ofLieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Interiors in the rehabilitation of Abu Dhabi Police workers and the encouragement  to obtain the highest degree of academic institutions inside and outside the country in the ongoing training programs provided by Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.
Captain Awad Saif Al Buloshi explained that the program of his academic study which lasted for two years and a half included applied studies of modern electronic public relations, which will become a reality with the development of information technology and other academic subjects on the recent developments in the science of media and the challenges of public relations in the 21st century with the transition from traditional public relations to the electronic in impacts of informatics revolution.
Captain Al Buloshi pointed that within the academic programs he made researches about analyzing the content and outcome of the National Campaign of Security organized lately by the Minister of Interior and a research about the challenges facing public relations in Abu Dhabi Police during the present century presenting the new concepts of public relations and what is required to implement the transition of electronic public relations in Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.
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