The Abu Dhabi Police arrested an inspector working for a governmental entity in Al Ain who, with the assistance of his brother (middleman), was receiving bribes to illegally complete governmental transactions.

Lt. Colonel Matar Mu'ded Al Muhairi, Head of the Anti-Corruption Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, said that the two (Arab national) brothers’ arrest took place after performing the required legal procedures. He noted that a precise tip-off was received, after which classified investigations were performed which revealed that the first individual (the government employee) was involved in financial and administrative corruption with the assistance of his brother, who works as a truck driver in the private sector.

He mentioned that the government employee (S.F. – 38 years), who has completed less than 8 months of service at the governmental department, was arrested. He said that the employee exploited his position and responsibilities for personal gains in conjunction with his brother (A. F. – 29 years). The two were referred to the public prosecution along with the evidence and case file, and are now in prison.

Lt. Colonel Al Muhairi said that the anti-corruption team members revealed the bribe case in an operation that was planned with high levels of professionalism and accuracy. He noted that a team member acted like a client, and agreed with the second suspect (the middleman) to illegally complete a transaction in return for a financial sum (confiscated with the evidence of the case.) The operation resulted in the involvement of the inspector, who was arrested from his workplace.

Lt. Colonel Al Muhairi stressed the Ministry of Interior (MoI)’s keenness to promote Emirati society’s positive and moral values, such as integrity, justice, credibility, transparency, and occupational honesty. He noted that Emirati values encourage addressing all criminal activities, including embezzlement, damaging public property, and the abuse of position and power.

He mentioned that the police leadership always seeks to protect the society from corruption. They set active and preventive mechanisms; set deterrent strategic plans to prevent corruption; and qualify, train and boost the competencies of police staff in line with best international standards in a way that promotes police work and achieves excellence.

Lt. Colonel Al Muhairi called on the public to take part in the active community participation, saying they are the first defense line in the face of legal violations. He noted the possibility of reporting information about any crime or suspicious behavior through the Aman Service ( He said that this service receives confidential information around the clock by calling the toll free number 8002626, sending an SMS to the number 2828, or e-mailing

Notably, last January the MoI launched an awareness campaign across all government and private sectors under the slogan "My job is a trust." The campaign aims to enhance positive professional values in society by preserving public property; refraining from making illicit gains from a job; avoiding abuse of position or power for personal gain; and enforcing the application of rules and legislation in order to counter corruption.

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