The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior organized a Ramadan council on Thursday evening. The council that was hosted by Amina Hamad Al Shamesi at the headquarters of Ajman Society of Social and Cultural Development was held under the theme of United in Knowledge: “Education between Knowledge and Experience”. It was moderated by journalist Hassa Lootah and attended by a number of experts in educational, social and family affairs, in addition to a large number of attendees.

The participants recommended joining efforts with the Ministry of Education to increase the level of attention dedicated to education, being a societal issue. They also called upon the Ministry of Interior to partake in the education efforts in collaboration with other entities such as the Ministry of Social Affairs, The Ministry of Information, and the Ministry of Culture and Community Development.

The Council also recommended activating the part-time work system, which enhances the role of the family and enables them to dedicate attention to their children's education. It also called for qualifying the academic staff teachers and experts, and developing the education system in general.

Furthermore, the Council discussed a number of topics related to developing the educational process in the UAE, notably the role of both the family and the education institutions. Participants emphasized the importance of joining efforts with the Ministry of Education in order to shape individuals’ personality at an early age.

Participants focused on developing school curricula and the educational staff. They also commended the Ministry of Interior’s initiative in organizing Ramadan councils and their role in strengthening community ties and exchanging experiences.

Journalist Hassa Lootah noted that the Ministry of Interior plays valuable roles in raising awareness about community issues. “The Ministry was keen to turn away from the traditional style and adopt a societal concept based on the sense of responsibility towards the community,” she said.

For her part, Amina Hamad Al Shamesi, host of the women’s Ramadan Council in Ajman, lauded the Ministry of Interior’s efforts, represented by the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior. “The ministry was forerunner in organizing such councils, which are a smart measure and an opportunity to reach Emiratis in their own homes, to tackle community issues, strive to follow-up on them and resolve them,” indicated Mrs. Al Shamesi. She also added that the Ministry of Interior’s councils tackle a number of important national issues of interest to the Emirati citizen. Moreover, she compared the Ramadan councils organized by the Ministry of Interior to small people’s parliaments that discuss national concerns and issue recommendations to serve both individuals and society.

Wedad Bu Humaid, Deputy Chairperson of the Emirates Human Rights Association, Director of Government Communications at the Ministry of Health, lauded the directives of the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Law Respect Culture Bureau to organize such Ramadan councils. “These councils are a pioneering idea and an unprecedented step worldwide, by which the Ministry of Interior tackles various community issues,” she said.

She added: “The Ministry of Interior dedicates as much attention to education as it does to maintaining security, because education is a line of defense in enhancing and maintaining security.”

For her part, Aisha Saif Al Matrooshi, Education Instruction at the Ministry of Education, lauded the choice of the Holy Month of Ramadan by the Ministry of Interior as the optimal time to organize its Ramadan councils. “This month enhances social ties between the various community groups, fosters harmony between them and allows acceptance of each others’ beliefs and ideas,” she noted.

In conclusion, she added that the Ramadan councils are the perfect opportunity to gather prominent professionals who work in the field of education. This would allow the exchange of ideas and perceptions, hence enhancing and developing the educational process, and strengthening efforts to face the challenges encountered by the educational process in the UAE.

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