Lt. General Saif Abdullah Al Sha’far, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior, visited the Ministry of Interior’s (MoI)exhibit at GITEX 2014 today, Monday. He listened todetailed explanationsgiven by the supervisors of the exhibit regarding the showcased smart services and software that the ministry provides to the public. During his tour of a number of booths at the exhibition, Al Sha’far also reviewed the latest achievements showcased by other participating ministries, local departments, and major companies.

The Undersecretary at the MoI stressed the importance of the participation in the exhibition for introducing the smart services that are used by the police, for learning about the latest technical developments in various fields, and for leveraging the expertise of the participating parties.

He listened to an explanation concerning the efforts of the Executive Committee of School Transport to provide alternatives in regards to theexisting smart services that are being sustained anddeveloped; which comes as a culmination of the efforts of the MoI and their e-services that have been launched earlier, and in order to keep up with the services provided to the customers.

Al Sha’afar expressed his satisfaction of the strong attendance and substantial participation of theMoI and the multiplicity of the software and services provided to the public. He considered this to be a modern method of communication that is constantly available between police and the community, and commended the efforts of all the supervisors in the pavilion.

He said that the participation of the ministry at the exhibition and the provision of new servicesform an excellent opportunityto introduce visitors to the projects, systems, and services provided by the ministry. It is an opportunity to additionally gauge public opinion regarding the provided services and to utilize their comments and suggestions in order to further develop these services.

The ministry’s exhibit witnessed a large turn-out of attendance by professionals, partners of the ministry, and members of the publicwho closely examined the number of services provided by the MoIduring GITEX. Under the major developments taking place in the digital world, the leaders and general directorates of the MoI are keen to launch more e-services based on the latest technology. These e-services have the capability to streamline administrative procedures and reach the users of the service whenever, and wherever, they are.
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