HE Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police emphasized the importance of the role of the Emergency and Public Safety Department, in providing humanitarian services, reflecting the strategic vision of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, by ensuring the safety of all members of society, be citizens, residents and visitors.

Al Rumaithi visited the Emergency and Public Safety Department of the Abu Dhabi Police Central Operations Directorate General, accompanied by Major General Maktoum Ali Al Shareefi, Acting Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police. “The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters is keen to qualify the staff of the Emergency and Public Safety Department, as well as providing the latest equipment to effectively deal with various accidents with the proper speed.” Al Rumaithi said, “Time is a crucial factor in saving lives, therefore the ambulance vehicles are equipped to handle critical cases according to the best international standards in this field.”

Major General Al Rumaithi reviewed the work flow, the tools and equipment used to control fires, and save injured people, as well as the methods of raising the public’s awareness on first aid, rescue and public safety, ambulances and their equipment, field hospital and the latest devices to handle hazardous materials. He also reviewed the readiness of the UAE Search and Rescue team, Hazardous Materials Accidents Response Unit and the used tools and equipment, as well as the equipment of the maternity ambulances.

Al Rumaithi was briefed on the tasks and duties handled by the Emergency and Public Safety Department, in addition to the steps followed from the moment of receiving the report till the units reach the accident site. It included the electronic connection to hospitals to identify the situation of the patient, prior to reaching the emergency ward in the hospital, to ensure full readiness to receive the case upon arrival and start the immediate medical care.

Major General Al Rumaithi toured the Innovations Exhibition in the Emergency and Public Safety Department, and hailed the outstanding innovations that were implemented by the department, and the adoption of meaningful proposals to help reduce the response time, and create innovative solutions and ideas for the challenges they face during their work. He pointed that the spirit of creativity, innovation and excellence will help save time and effort in the services provided to the public.

The meeting was attended by Brigadier Mohamed Mayouf Al Ketbi, Head of Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department at Abu Dhabi Police; Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Al Ameri, Head of the Emergency and Public Safety Department; Colonel Zayed Mohammed Al Hajiri, Deputy Head of the Emergency and Public Safety Department; and Colonel Ahmed Atiq Al Hameli, Head of Follow up and Implementation Section, at the Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department.
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