Major General Mohammed bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Director General of Police Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, met with the General Directorate of Police Operations’ staff members of various ranks during the Police Operations’ Ramadan Forum held on Thursday evening, at the Police Officers’ City in Abu Dhabi.

During the Ramadan Forum, attendees discussed the means to develop work mechanisms across all locations, to ensure that the various Police Operations’ units and departments remain at the forefront, by constantly seeking to achieve excellence and leadership in accordance with the best and latest practices implemented in advanced world countries.

The forum focused on the importance of disseminating the culture of excellence in all its concepts and implications, to make excellence the main goal of the next phase. The participants also emphasized the need to encourage the spirit of positive competition and innovation, and to concretely implement creative ideas, with a view to enhance the distinguished cultural image of Abu Dhabi Police.

Furthermore, Major General Al Menhali underscored the importance of finding the perfect work environment for the various cadres and promoting teamwork. “This would reflect on the output quality and excellence in performance in general, within the framework of crime prevention and response as per the latest proven scientific methods and mechanisms.

The Director General of Police Operations also stressed the importance of working according to the police leadership’s vision and harnessing all available resources to improve performance, achieve greater successes and keep pace with the best training means. Major General Al Menhali also called for devoting special attention to the human cadre of the Abu Dhabi Police, and providing various training needs to develop the potential of staff members, honing their skills and equipping them with additional expertise, as part of integrated strategic plans and initiatives.

 He added: “Success is achievable; but it ensue additional responsibilities, in a bid to maintain and achieve further success. Any successful organization or work team must not settle for one success; they should keep forging ahead to develop their performance through new innovative ideas, so as to achieve further success and contribute to improving police work”.

During the forum, a number of officers submitted a set of proposals and ideas to develop teamwork, and promote the concept of partnerships. They also elaborated on the concepts of development and innovation, and submit innovative solutions to some of the obstacles that may impede field work through creative thinking and pursuing the best ways to address such obstacles in a timely manner.

In his address, Major General Al Menhali urged the officers to take initiatives, to strive to become team leaders that are keen to communicate with their fellow team members. This would help them to achieve more success and flexibility; and to adopt the best mechanisms to perform work, service and security tasks and duties in any job..

He added: “Everyone should enjoy a high degree of responsibility in performing their duties, possess the skills required to lead the work team through any task or duty assigned to them; according to sound and proper methods and mechanisms. They must also enjoy a significant degree of flexibility to achieve the coveted goals.” In conclusion, Major General Al Menhali wished everyone success, urging them to be good representative of security and police institutions and the best in performing duties and assuming responsibility.

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