Al Kitbi honors 36 of ADP staff


 Excellence in executing professional responsibilities will not go un noticed and will be appreciated and honored as well, said Major General (S) Obeid Al Hiri Salim Al Kitbi, Deputy C-in-C of Abu Dhabi Police.

  He was speaking at the ceremony organized for honoring 36 staff members of Abu Dhabi police at the general headquarters. All personnel's will be covered in the process whether they are uniformed or civilians, inside or outside police organization he added.

 The honored included officers, non-commissioned officers, other ranks and civilians at Officers’ Guesthouse. Al kitbi extended HH the Minster of Interior greetings to the honored personnel and urged them to continue their quality performance. The event was attended by Director Generals and other senior police officers and was organized by Distinguished Performers Appreciation Committee.

  Lt. Col. Hamad Khamis Al Dhahri, Chairman of the Committee said: such events encourage people to work hard and spare no effort to perform their duties in an honest way”. It is worth mentioning that 299 persons have been honored since 2006, he added.


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