Al Gharbia, the Western Region Police Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, prepared for the Eid Al Fitr holiday by setting a comprehensive plan to strengthen the safety and security of the residents and road users. In particular, the plan focuses on the overland travelers through the Al Ghuwaifat Port. This port usually witnesses high arrival and departure movement by travelers coming into or leaving the UAE to enjoy the holiday during Eid Al Fitr.

Colonel Ojeil Ali Abdullah Al Junaibi, Director of the Western Region Police Directorate, stressed that the procedures and preparations have been made to enhance the safety of passengers and to ensure smooth traffic flow on the roads.

He also stated that traffic patrols will be intensified along the road that leads to Al Ghuwaifat Port. Additionally, ambulances and rescue vehicles will be provided in collaboration with the Emergency and Public Safety Department in order to handle any traffic accidents. Additionally, he indicated that the Media and Public Relations Section at the Directorate is providing guidance and identifying services available on the road, such as: petrol stations, restaurants, rest houses, hotels, car workshops, and auto repair.

Within the framework of the "Your Safety" campaign carried out by the General Directorate of Police Operations, Colonel Al Junaibi called upon drivers to take care of regular maintenance and checkups at specialized garages. He also pointed out that two mobile garages have been designated to cover the international road in order to fix any minor mechanical or electrical malfunctions of a vehicle, transport stalled vehicles to the nearest garage in the area, and provide transportation buses for the travelers whose cars have broken down and are being repaired. People can contact the Police Operation Room by dialing 999 in order to ask for assistance.

Furthermore, Colonel Al Junaibi encouraged transit motorists, especially those traveling long distances, to check the mechanical and electrical condition of the car. Checking the overall condition of the car will help the driver and other road users avoid suffering from any dangers that may lead to delays or the burden of having to solve problems that have doubled by not fixing the minor malfunctions early on.

Appealing to all travelers during the holiday of Eid Al Fitr, within the “Your Safety” Campaign, Colonel Al Junaibi encouraged motorists to abide by designated speed limits, and for any additional cargo not to exceed 60 cm in height. These laws ensure the driver has full control over the car and can maintain its balance while overtaking or turning.

He also stressed on the importance of conducting a thorough examination of the vehicle and checking the conditions of the tires for their ability to withstand long distances and high temperatures, prior to starting the journey.

Colonel Al Junaibi emphasized the importance of getting enough rest and abstaining from driving while exhausted or fatigued. He also stressed that all travelers must carry their passports, obtain entry visas to the countries they are going to or passing by, and to make sure they have their driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of ownership documents. He also wished everyone to have a safe journey and a happy Eid Al Fitr holiday.

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