Major General Mohammed bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Director General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, underscored the police leadership’s commitment to promoting creativity and innovation amongst staff members. “Dedicating attention to human cadres; qualifying young leaders; building a capable and qualified generation that enjoys the knowledge and skills required to serve our beloved country; are the top priorities of the police leadership. They also embody the Government's strategy aimed at empowering the human capital in the quest to achieve distinguished institutional performance as per the best advanced practices,” he noted.

These comments were made by Major General Al Awadhi Al Menhali, during the ceremony held by the Directorate General of Human resources at Abu Dhabi Police. The ceremony was held at the Police Officers Club in Abu Dhabi under the theme “a Decade of Excellence and Giving”, and aimed at celebrating the myriad achievements attained by the directorate during the past decade.

Major General Al Awadhi Al Menhali lauded the efforts of staff members that earned the Directorate General of Human Resources numerous global and local awards. “These awards were an incentive for the directorate to boost its efforts in providing administrative services as per the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency,” he said. Moreover, he called upon the directorate’s staff members to exert further giving and to come up with leading initiatives and projects, in an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and competitiveness.

 “Empowering our national competencies is a key component of the Abu Dhabi Police’s overall strategy. This can be achieved through efficient planning and training aimed at enhancing productivity, spreading institutional culture and motivation in all of the administrative sectors,” indicated the Director General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police.

For his part, Brigadier General Jassem Al Marzouqui, Deputy Director General of Human Resources, underlined the importance of teamwork in improving and developing the skills of staff members; in addition to encouraging and honoring top achieving staff members in a bid to motivate them to constantly promote police work.

Brigadier General Al Marzouqui said: “Over the past decade, our journey was not an easy task; but the determination, strong will and contributions of a cohort of distinguished staff members, and the environment conducive to innovation, the impossible became possible. The directorate won a multitude of national and international awards across all fields, according to the highest international standards.” Moreover, he emphasized that this success was made possible thanks to the efforts of an elite group of distinguished administrative staff members, who have dedicated efforts over the years to achieve this objective.

The audience screened a documentary film highlighting the achievements and development process of the Directorate General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police. A number of former directors general, heads of human resources departments and a number of distinguished staff members and senior employees from the directorate were also honored during the ceremony. The honorees emphasized that such accolades are an incentive to motivate others to exert further efforts to developing and improving performance, commensurate with the standards of excellence and quality.

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