The Al Ain Traffic and Patrols Section at the Abu Dhabi Police’s Traffic and Patrols Directorate, implemented an awareness initiative for road travelers, within the Abu Dhabi Police’s awareness campaign held under the slogan, “Your Safety”. As part of the initiative, awareness booklets were distributed in several streets in Al Ain city to road travelers of different ages and nationalities, so as to acquaint them with the necessary safety procedures.

Major Salah Abdulalh Al Humairi, Chief of the Al Ain Traffic and Patrols Section, stressed the Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to maintain the safety and security of road users; in pursuance of the Abu Dhabi Police’s strategic objectives to make roads safer. He also urged motorists to take all safety precautions, carry out comprehensive technical inspection of their vehicle before traveling by land, make sure they have all necessary vehicle documents and personal identification and travel-related documents for passengers, and to abide by the traffic rules and regulations applicable in each country.

He also stressed the importance of ensuring the validity and good condition of their vehicles’ tires, to pay attention to the risks arising from tire bursts especially at long distances with high temperatures during summer, which may lead to tire wear and tear due to the high temperature of roads. Moreover, he urged motorists to follow the correct instructions to ensure the safety of their vehicles’ tires, including the validity of the used tire and the temperature it can handle, in addition to the favorable load and the date of manufacture.

For his part, Lieutenant Nasser Khalifa Al Shamesi, Public Relations Branch Manager at the Al Ain Traffic Section, called upon all motorists to abide by traffic rules and regulations and legal cargo restrictions, which should not exceed 60 centimeters. Failure to comply with cargo restriction may cause light vehicles to lose balance,   putting the lives of both the driver and passengers at risk.

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