The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police urged truck drivers using the Abu Dhabi – Al Ghuweifat road in the Western region to examine the condition of their tires periodically. This measure is part of the outreach program under the field campaign of “Your Safety” launched by the Abu Dhabi Police.

Major Mohammed Saif Al Khaili, Acting Chief of the Western Region Traffic Section, stressed that these methods of outreach communication target the areas where truck drivers mainly assemble along the Abu Dhabi – Al Ghuweifat road. The lectures are designed to raise truck drivers’ awareness about the need to check their tires regularly, and to purchase those of high quality that fit specifications in order to avoid serious accidents resulting from tire bursts.

Major Al Khaili said, “The number of traffic accidents due to tire bursts has amounted to about six accidents during the first half of this year, resulting in one death, and seriously injuring six others.” Continuing, he added, “The number of traffic violations issued during the same period for faulty, worn-out tires has amounted to about 910 violations.”

According to Major Al Khaili, the “Your Safety” campaign implemented in the Western Region includes awareness programs, intensified traffic controls, and law implementation to capture drivers using faulty, damaged, or expired tires that could lead to tire bursting. He also noted that “driving with expired or faulty tires is a traffic offense punishable by an impoundment of the vehicle up to one-week and a Dh200 fine.”

Major Al Khaili called on motorists to ensure the quality and condition of their tires and to pay attention to the risks of tire bursts- especially at long distances with high temperatures during the summer that could cause tires wear and tear due to the high temperatures. Moreover, he urged motorists to follow the correct instructions to ensure the safety of their vehicles’ tires by checking the validity of the tire frame, the measured temperature tolerance, the manufacturing date, and the appropriate cargo-load of the tires.

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