The Naturalization and Residency Department in Al Ain recently organized an educational and awareness-raising forum under the slogan “Because you are a Trust”. The forum, held in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior's Child Protection Center, took place at the United Arab Emirates University’s Social Club (Multaqa ) .

Colonel Khalifa Matar Balquba' Al Humairi, Director of the Residency and Foreigners' Affairs Department in Al Ain, stressed that organizing this forum personifies the commitment on the part of the Naturalization and Residency Department of Al Ain Residency to interact with the various campaigns organized periodically by the Ministry of Interior, to enhance social awareness about child protection issues against all potential dangers. 

Colonel Al Humairi also noted that the forum will promote partnership with the community and the department’s partners from all levels and sectors. “Sustainable development requires a coherent and sensible society governed by laws and regulations that protect its achievements. The higher leadership endeavors to accomplish this goal, out of its firm belief that the human being is at the heart of any achievement in the nation,” said Colonel Al Humairi.

The forum highlighted the psychological, social and cultural aspects that contribute to shaping a child's personality.

Dr. Najwa Al Hosani, Faculty Member, College of Education, UAE University, tackled the psychological aspect of dealing with children and its impact on honing the child’s personality and behavior and developing his behavior either negatively or positively. Dr. Al Hosani also discussed the importance of the relationship between parents and children, stressing that a close parent-child relationship and continuous communication will build a balanced, stable and creative personality.

For her part, Emirati artist Samira Ahmed shared its personal experience in raising her children at the forum. She highlighted  various aspects of positive and negative social issues, which are instrumental in the upbringing of children and have a strong impact on the various stages of childhood down to adulthood. Mrs. Ahmed took the opportunity of the forum to call on mothers to dedicate quality time to their children and to communicate with them and take part actively in their daily lives by dropping them off at school or going out with them on shopping sprees without relying on nannies or domestic helpers, to make sure that children do not seek guidance outside the family.

The forum also hosted Emirati prodigious child inventor Khalifa Al Rumaithi, who personifies family attention, as well as the support and care received at home, school and from the country’s leadership. Al Rumaithi gave an overview of his experience and showcased his inventions that were highly acclaimed by the attendees.

The forum was attended by representatives from Al Ain government services and education institutions, as well as students from the UAE University. 

The forum praised the campaign launched by the Ministry of Interior's Child Protection Center, which designated April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.  This initiative reflects the continuous awareness-raising efforts exerted by the ministry, by urging institutions and individuals at the countrywide level to work together to make the UAE a better and safer place for children and families. The campaign also reflected the institutional commitment to achieve the (UAE vision 2021), by providing a high quality of life and sustainable environment. In conclusion, the forum emphasized that the Ministry of Interior's Child Protection Center boosts the efforts played by the community in preventing all kinds of child abuse.

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