The Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Department in Al Ain carried out a humanitarian initiative, which focused on distributing water, cold drinks, dates and sun-protection hats, as well as health and legal awareness brochures onto laborers. The initiative was conducted at different construction sites throughout the city.

Colonel Khalifa Matar Balquba' Al Humairi, Director of the Residency and Foreigners' Affairs Department in Al Ain, said that this humanitarian initiative embodies the Ministry of Interior’s strategy and its vision aimed at enhancing communication with the different society sectors and promoting the values of good manners and social responsibility, which stem out of the religious, humane and ethical principles. He also noted that the initiative expresses the commitment of the Al Ain Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Department towards the different segments and categories of the society in terms of social responsibility. 

Colonel Al Humairi, stressed the keenness of the department to cooperating with the strategic partners in the city in supporting the initiatives that provide various forms of moral, service and societal support to the Al Ain city’s community.

He also lauded the response and interaction of the partners with the initiative’s objectives; praising their support to ensure that it achieves its honorable goals. This was demonstrated through the joint coordination efforts and enthusiastic interaction to ensure the success of the initiative, as well as their continuous work for days and until late hours into the night, driven by a mutual goal; to put a smile on laborers’ faces, acknowledge their efforts and acquaint them with the country’s culture and the original traditions and customs of society. Colonel Al Humairi also reiterated the Al Ain Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Department’s commitment to teamwork and their sincere desire to offer what promotes the good of society in cooperation with partners. “The initiative has proven its efficiency and today, we managed to cover various sites across the city,” said Colonel Al Humairi.

For his part, Engineer Abdullah Hamdan Al Ameri, Executive Director of Urban Planning and Area Sector at Al Ain Municipality, expressed his appreciation of the Al Ain Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Department, which provided the municipality with the opportunity to participate in this campaign. He also expressed his thanks to the Al Ain Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Department’s team and the Al Ain Municipality team, for showing significant cooperation to ensure that the initiative yields the coveted results. He also lauded the efforts of the Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Department in Al Ain in carrying out humanitarian initiatives.

Engineer Badr Nasser Al Thahli, Executive Director of Operations at Al Ain Distribution Company, expressed his delight for his company’s participation in the humanitarian initiative conducted by the Al Ain Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Department. He commended such initiatives that express attention and care for the humanitarian aspects, promote solidarity among community members and encourage social responsibility among governmental institutions and departments. In conclusion, he thanked the team that successfully organized and executed the campaign.

It is worth mentioning that the initiative was carried out in the early hours of the morning, with the participation of Colonel Khalifa Matar Balquba' Al Humairi, accompanied by directors of institutions and heads of departments from Al Ain Municipality, the Al Ain Distribution Company, the Al Ain Labor Office and a number of officers. They all traveled by bus to the designated sites and distributed cold bottled water and juice to the laborers, with a view to alleviate the effects of the summer heat on laborers’ health. 

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