Participants in the Ministry of Interior Council hosted by UAE national Mufleh Ayed Al Ahbabi in Al Khabisi Area, Al Ain City under the theme “Cultural and National Pluralism, and its Impact on National Identity” stressed the need for reinforcing concerted community efforts to promote the concept of national identity, especially among young generations of UAE citizens. They also called for reducing reliance on domestic workers in the running of household affairs.

The council was moderated by media figure Ali Al Shamesi from Abu Dhabi Media. Participants agreed upon the importance of encouraging citizens to get married early and to have more children. They also called for intensifying efforts to preserve the Arabic language, which is an integral part of reinforcing the Arab national identity, maintaining the national culture and reviving the ancestors’ legacy; all of which would contribute to preserving the family entity.

The council tackled a number of topics related to pros and cons of cultural diversity and its effect on national identity. Participants stressed the need to reinforce the role of cultural and heritage centers at the countrywide level to better promote the concept of national identity.

Speakers praised the efforts of the Ministry of Interior aimed at finding innovative and effective solutions to the various social problems, with the aim of preserving the Emirati Society. They also valued the efforts made by the Law Respect Culture Bureau in building bridges of trust and communications with the outer society.

The MoI’s awareness council was concluded with remarks made by the host Mufleh Ayed Al Ahbabi, who praised the valuable initiative sponsored by the MoI, in organizing awareness council, which provide the opportunity to foster relations between community members, and to boost interaction and communication between all generations.

The council was attended by Colonel Mohammed Sultan Al Dhaheri, Deputy Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Al Ain; Sultan Al Saadi, Deputy Director of the Labor Inspections Department at the Ministry of Labor; Dhafer Ayed Al Ahbabi, Chairman of Al Foah; Mohamed Masoud Al Ahbabi; and a number of citizens of different age groups.

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