Air wing of Abu Dhabi Police rescues two people


The air wing of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters came to the rescue of two men who were injured in two separate accidents yesterday.

In the first accident, a man identified only as a Syrian was hurt when his car was overturned in a rough area of the desert in Suwihan. Police operations room alerted the air wing at the General Headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Police, which immediately send a helicopter to the place. The chopper arrived in just seven minutes and airlifted the injured man to Al Mafraq hospital, where he was given all the necessary medical treatment.

In another accident, a patient who had suffered a severe heart attack was saved due to the timely intervention of the air wing. The patient was taken from the Delma hospital to Khalifa hospital in the capital by the chopper. The Para medics on board gave the patient all the necessary first aid before handing him to the hospital for further treatment.

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