The ambulance aircraft affiliated to the Air Wing Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, rescued a sailor who sustained a severe injury while working on a cargo ship about 20 nautical miles from Zayed Port in Abu Dhabi.

The Air Wing operations’ room had received notification on Sunday about a Chinese sailor, who was injured while working on a cargo ship in open water off the Abu Dhabi coast. The Air Wing Department immediately rushed its helicopters to the scene, while the paramedics provided first-aid on-site to the sailor, before transferring to Zayed Hospital for further medical treatment.

Brigadier Pilot Ali Mohammed Al Mazroui, Director of the Air Wing Department at Abu Dhabi Police, noted that the mission falls in line with the Ministry of Interior’s commitment to promptly respond and handle humanitarian tasks, by implementing a highly sophisticated methodology to respond to emergency alerts wherever they may occur. He added that the Air Wing Department is currently upgrading its tools, equipment and training, in order to enhance response time to emergencies in record time.

Adding further, Brigadier Al Mazroui said that the air ambulance aircraft took off immediately upon receiving notification, in coordination with Zayed Port’s management and the ship’s captain to accurately determine the coordinates of the ship.

He said: “The VTOL helicopter managed to land on the ship, which had no heliport available, aided by the fact that there were no containers on the ship, where the paramedics team provided fist-aid to the injured on-site.” He also commended the competency and efficiency of the rescue and paramedics teams in handling emergency cases, such as approaching moving or stationary ships; hoisting down the paramedics; stabilizing the injured on the stretcher and hoisting it into the aircraft according to the proper medical procedure.

Brigadier Al Mazroui stressed that the Air Wing Department, and its various sections and pilots at the countrywide level work around the clock in various locations to preserve security and safety and provide assistance when needed. He called upon called upon sea goers to check weather forecasts in advance and to inform the concerned authorities of the expected departure and arrival times to and from their destination.  He also urged everyone to make sure they have the means for safety and security, such as life jackets, a GPS device, and a communication device to be able to report any potential emergency and facilitate search and rescue operations.

It is worth mentioning that the Air Wing Department carries out at least nine air patrols being dispatched across the emirate’s territories on a weekly basis: Three patrols in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region respectively. The air crew includes two pilots, a doctor and a thermal imaging device operator. The operator transmits live footage directly to the Central Operations Room and the Air Wing Department’s Operations Room during the mission. Communication between the operations room and the aircraft is conducted via Terrestrial Trunked Radio (Tetra) device, which easily guides the aircraft to the location, according to the coordinates specified by the operations room. The thermal imaging device is particularly handy at night and ensures efficient night patrols.
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