‘United in Responsibility: The Responsible, Confident Emirati’ was the topic of the Ramadan Council organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior at the house of Ahmad Issa Al Nuaim, Director General of RAK Civil Service Department.

The council was attended by a number of officials and dignitaries including businessman Ahmad Issa Ahmad Al Nuaim; Sheikh Salem bin Nasser bin Mohammed Al Qasimi; Dr. Hashim Saeed Al Nuaimi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy; Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Zaabi, member of the Federal National Council; Mohammed Jassim Samhan Al Nuaimi, former ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former UAE Permanent Representative to the UN; Dr. Abdullah Ahmed bin Fadel Al Nuaimi, Director of the Ras Al Khaimah Medical District; Saeed Rashid Al Askar Al Nuaimi, Director of the RAK Labor Office; Mr. Yousef Obaid Bin Essa Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Board of RAK Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and businessman Abdullah Ahmad Rashid Al Nuaimi, former member of the Federal National Council and Chairman of Al Nuaimi Group. Also attending were Mohammed Ahmed Al Keit, Advisor to Ras Al Khaimah Emiri Court; Mohammed Abdullah Al Zaabi, Director of the Civil Defense Department in Ras Al Khaimah; Mohammed Jassim Al Muzki, former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy; Dr. Yasser Issa Al Nuaimi, from the Ministry of Health; Dr. Faisal Obaid Alayyan, Executive Vice President, Rabdan Academy; and Dr. Abdullah Ali Al Tabour, UAE researcher and historian.

The council was moderated by media personality Abdullah Ismail. In his opening speech, Ahmad Issa Al Nuaim pointed out that UAE nationals and residents enjoy security and safety thanks to the unwavering efforts exerted by the Ministry of Interior, along with the various entities and governmental institutions, which provide high levels of service to their customers.

Al Nuaim noted that all citizens have a shared responsibility to return the favor to the country through dedicated and diligent work, as well as acquire the necessary culture and sciences to preserve traditions and customs that are deeply rooted in the UAE society. “We all enjoy the blessing of progress and prosperity under the umbrella of the higher leadership, which has spared no effort to empower its citizens and provide every resource to boost the UAE’s stature and development,” he added.

For his part, Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Zaabi, member of the Federal National Council, said: “Citizens are called upon today to nurture future generations by instilling the noble values and principles in them at an early age; empowering them to overcome potential challenges; and urging them to contribute positively to the process of promoting security and safety in the country.” He also noted that the initiative launched by the UAE to enforce national service has been widely acclaimed by all citizens, especially the youth, which proves that the “home is united”.  

Mohammed Jassim Samhan Al Nuaimi, former ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former UAE Permanent Representative to the UN, said that the existing generations of UAE citizens are completely different from past generations, in light of the rapid changes witnessed by today’s world. “This prompts us to maintain the cultural entity of these generations; strengthening the role of the family, the media and schools in infusing the traditional values, principles and virtues into these generations; and establishing communication with them, in order to alleviate the widespread impact of modern technology and social media,” he continued.

Adding further, Al Nuaimi called for focusing attention on health and education. This would be attained by achieving communication between the various categories and members of society, who represent the main pillar of the country’s stability and security, regarded as priorities.

Mohammed Al Nuaimi said: “We need to interact with the existing generation based on the modern world’s standards, while maintaining our traditions that were established thanks to our higher leadership. Family is the main pillar to building Emirati youth’s personality, instilling  values and love for the country in them, and protecting them against the openness that we witnessing today and against the tyranny of  technology, which has negatively affected family and social communication.”

Elaborating on the health and medical matters, Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Director of the Ras Al Khaimah Medical District, highlighted the significant attention dedicated by the government to its citizens’ health. Dr. Al Nuaimi explained: “The UAE Government has built modern hospitals and sophisticated clinics, equipped with best services, in order to nurture healthy citizens that are able to serve their country.”

Dr. Al Nuaimi added: “The UAE Government is keen to provide the best health services to combat any potential disease, while paying attention to health education and raising awareness in this regard. The government is cooperating with families, schools and social institutions, to promote love for the homeland and loyalty among people.”

Dr. Hashim Al Nuaimi, director of the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy (MoE), said: “The UAE Government is working to promote the sense of responsibility. To this end, it has launched numerous initiatives for the benefit of citizens and consumers in general aimed at raising awareness among them.”

Dr. Hashim Al Nuaimi added: “The UAE urges its people to take part in the development process across all sectors. It has achieved notable successes, demonstrated for example by the ‘Consumer Inspector’ initiative that was launched by the MoE. This initiative has received wide and positive feedback from consumers, who have contacted the call center to submit their notes, grievances and inquiries. This interaction with the call center, which operates until past 2:00 am, has helped the ministry to deliver and put a stop to shops’ violations, especially small businesses.  We have also witnessed a significant cooperation from hypermarkets, which offered 40 to 50% sales.”

He continued: “By assuming their part of responsibility, citizens would help the MoE and other ministries to optimize their work, because they are a critical partner to the development process in the country.”

Saeed Rashid Al Askar Al Nuaimi, Director of the RAK Labor Office, said: “Everyone is responsible for keeping pace with this qualitative shift in service delivery and fast-pace development process we witness in the UAE, under the wise directives of the higher leadership across all fields. These measures are designed to serve the interests of the country, its citizens and residents, and have positioned the UAE on the global competitiveness scene.”

Saeed Al Nuaimi added: “The UAE is constantly striving to find a common ground based on providing modern and advanced services, to serve the more than 200 nationalities living in the country. To this end, it has dedicated significant attention to the job market, whereas the Ministry of Labor has played a valuable role to spread cultural awareness among workers and employers, and to acquaint them with their rights and obligations. The ministry has also enacted and implemented a number of laws that serve both parties and help to deliver services using the best means. These efforts have yielded a stable job market and helped build strategic partnerships with different public and private sectors, within the safe and secure environment witnessed by the UAE, and which attracted investors from all over the world.”

Yousef Obaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Board of Ras Al Khaimah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RAKCCI), praised the substantial efforts exerted by the Ministry of Interior in protecting the safety and security of UAE citizens and residents. He urged the future generations to assume their duties towards their children and to inculcate values and morals in them. “We need to revive the purposeful TV shows and infuse these values into schools curricula in order to protect these generations against the changes that are taking place in today’s world, to make sure they adhere to their identity and traditions.

Abdullah Ahmed Rashid Al Nuaimi, former Member of the Federal National Council, stressed the need for a conscious and confident generation, in light of the various changes witnessed by today’s world. “There must be a unified system to govern relations between citizens across all the emirates and cities; to avoid any potential gaps between them. We should also focus on young people to make sure they become active members in society, and endeavor to maintain its progress, development and security,” said Al Nuaimi.

Mohammed Al Keit, Advisor to Ras Al Khaimah Emiri Court, indicated that Allah Almighty has blessed the UAE with a prosperous  economy that allowed  the country achieve considerable progress, thanks to the wisdom and insight of the higher leadership. Furthermore, he called for dedicating attention to first-rate education, which is instrumental in nurturing responsible and active citizens, capable of completing the process of state building.

Moreover, he emphasized that social cohesion requires a unified social environment that maintains its heritage and hands it down to future generations. “This is one of the objectives that the UAE is endeavoring to achieve,” he noted; stressing the important role and considerable responsibility undertaken by the Ministry of Interior to promote security and safety and spread social culture by convening Ramadan councils.

For his part, Dr. Yasser Al Nuaimi, Hospital Sector Expert at the Ministry of Health, indicated that regardless of the difficulties associated with medical studies and the straining educational and practical requirements, citizens should not be reluctant to enroll in this vital sector. “Parents must encourage their children to pursue this valuable and vital discipline. This would complement the UAE endeavors to motivate its citizens to work in all sectors, by providing them with the necessary resources to make sure they become active members in their community and their country,” he pointed out. He also stressed the importance of specializing national cadres in the field of health insurance, a discipline highly encouraged by the UAE, as part of its keenness to provide high-quality medical and health services for all.

Dr. Faisal Obaid Alayyan, Executive Vice President, Rabdan Academy, said: “Under the wise guidance of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, the UAE has laid down future plans for a flexible system, capable of curtailing any potential risks or threats”.

He noted that the development of civilizations throughout the ages involves changes in shapes and structure of buildings, tombs, and utensils. The UAE is culturally unique and a melting pot of civilizations. “Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, has played a valuable leading role and unified the scattered tribes since before the foundation of the Union. He established the “Desert Council” to settle tribal disputes and formed desert units that took part in the emergence of the Union”.

Sheikh Salem bin Nasser Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi called for revising the requirements for issuing good conduct certificates for people wishing to apply for work, and have served their sentences at the Punitive and Correctional Establishments.

“No one is flawless; therefore it is a societal responsibility to help individuals who committed a violation and have already served their sentence integrate back into society and apply for a job to earn their living,” indicated Al Qasimi.

For his part, Salem Al Bakr, Central Bank RAK Branch Manager, highlighted the importance of paying attention to the Arabic language and enforcing laws to protect this timeless tradition, as a first language in the UAE, in light of the dangers from foreign languages that are used by the large number of nationalities residing in the country. He said: “We should start thinking about being selective when it comes to receiving immigrants and choosing individuals who can add value to the country and serve it efficiently

Sultan Obaid Al Zaabi underlined the need to convene such purposeful councils throughout the year, due to their crucial benefits. He also stressed the need to create a child-oriented TV channel that includes awareness programs designed to promote patriotism, raise awareness of today's generation, and protect them against alien negative ideas.

At the end of the council, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Salah Obeid Al Ghoul, Director of Law Respect Culture Bureau, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior honored Ahmed Issa Al Nuaim for hosting this Ramadan council.

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