Captain Ahmed Al Muhairi, Head of Traffic Safety Section at the Traffic Engineering and Safety Department in the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police, noted that as many as 8555 traffic violations were recorded by the special flash-free cameras installed at a number of intersections during the first third of this year, in the period from January 1st to April 30th.The violations included running red lights, exceeding speed limits, and parking vehicles on pedestrian crossings.

Al Muhairi also noted that the number of accidents at intersections due to running red lights during the same period decreased by 10 accidents from 81 to 71 accidents (by 12%), as a result of the efforts exerted through the project aimed at improving traffic safety at intersections. More than 50 intersections have been covered through this project by speed cameras at intersections to detect drivers who speed up to jump red lights. The cameras are planned to cover around 150 intersections in the emirate, allowing continuous assessment of the intersections’ condition, their impact on traffic safety and the occurrence of accidents.

“Red light cameras at old and new intersections can detect vehicles that run red-lights and fail to abide by the lane rules. They can also record vehicles that stop at pedestrian zones and violate speed limits. Any other violations related to impermissible turns, over-takings and U-turns can also be detected by these cameras,” added Captain Al Muhairi.

“These cameras monitor more than five lanes in each direction. They are multifunctional and include infrared license plate readers. They can also determine the numbers and types of passing vehicles, estimate the average road speed, and record the numbers and directions of pedestrians while traffic lights turn green and red,” he explained.

Moreover, Al Muhairi called upon motorists to follow traffic laws and regulations, reduce vehicle speed at traffic lights and avoid speeding in order to cross a traffic light before it turns red, which can cause serious traffic accidents resulting in deaths and severe injuries. This came within the awareness campaign which targets all motorists, taxi drivers, bus drivers, and drivers from private sector companies that is being implemented by the directorate during the month of May.

It is worth mentioning that according to the Federal Traffic Law, running a red light is punishable with a fine of AED 800, eight black points, and vehicle impoundment for a period of 15 days.
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