Abu Dhabi police Medical Service Laboratories gear up to meet ISO Requirements
Abu Dhabi policeMedical Services Laboratories pave the way to implement the required specifications for the CAP – an international organization, which gives approval to hospitals and medical laboratories.
Captain Thuria Al Duwaila, Director of Laboratories Branch at ADPMSL, confirmed that the laboratory started to implement the required specifications for international approval which include calibration of equipment in accordance with international standards, to ensure the accuracy of medical equipment and efficiency of the medical cadre and work system.
Al Duwaila said that her branch spares no effort to become an integrated branch which provides high quality services and risk-free environment. Our development strategy includes introduction of modern examination equipment. Moreover three new units will be introduced- DNA Unit for Hepatitis and AIDS, Histology Unit to detect Tumors and Cytology Unit for detecting damaged cells. The Branch adopts a policy to replace expatriate technicians with national staff.    
Other sections of the laboratory include contagious diseases unit, immunity unit, diabetes unit, bones unit, blood unit for genetic diseases and thlasemia unit. The stat-of-the-art equipment diagnoses 60 specimens in an hour. Also there is a biochemistry unit. This unit has modern equipment which include "Integra 800'- it examines 800 specimens/hour, 'Integra 400' which examines 400 specimens/ hour, in addition to a new equipment to examine blood gases. Bioorganic
According to Dr. Sobash Mehta Matta, specialist of blood analysis, all procedures and examinations are subject to strict monitoring. Our equipment adopts American calibration system "ICAS" and British calibration system "RECAS". Our equipment accuracy is up to 96 per cent, she added.
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