The Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Abu Dhabi celebrated the anniversary of the Prophet's migration “Al-Hijrah” and the new Hijri year 1436 with a lecture titled “Lessons from the Prophet's migration”. The lecture, which was held at the directorate general’s headquarters, was delivered by Sheikh Dr. Anas Mohammed Qassar, preacher at the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments and attended by heads of departments, chiefs of sections, and employees.

In his speech, the lecturer focused on patriotic instinct, as reflected in the stances of the Prophet, peace be upon him, during the migration. He also tackled the importance of good preparation and planning to ensure the success of any action plan, which reflects the practical application of the concept of ‘entrusting one’s affairs to Allah’ (Tawakkul).

Moreover, he extended his sincere congratulations to the higher leadership, the people of the UAE, and the Islamic nation on this auspicious occasion; praying to Allah Almighty to bless our beloved country.  

Furthermore, the Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Department in Al Ain also celebrated the the Hijri New Year by organizing a religious lecture entitled “In order not to disappear”, presented by Sheikh Waseem Yousef, Preacher of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The lecture was held in the theatre of the UAE University Social Club (AL Multaqa), in the presence of the Department’s officers, staff members, and strategic partners.

The lecturer elaborated on the difficulties that were faced by the Prophet, peace be upon him; the deep hostility that he and his companions who endorsed his message encountered until the divine order came to him to migrate and spread his mission.  The event of the Hijra was the historical change of course between the two main phases of the Islamic ‘Da’wah’ (Call). The call for migration represents the first step towards victory allowed by the Almighty Allah, through the divine authorization for the Prophet and his companions to migrate, in order to escape the Qureish persecution who tried to prevent him from preaching and spreading Islam.

Sheikh Waseem Yousef also talked about the Medina (Al Madinah or ‘the city’) and how Allah Almighty anchored faith in the hearts of “Al Ansar” (Helpers of Islam) who were the heroes who, not only followed the Prophet, but also supported him with their wealth and their blood and waged war for the cause of Islam. The preacher stressed the need for all Muslims to have confidence and faith in Allah, who is always there to help throughout adversities. “Muslims must uphold the Prophet's message honestly and make sacrifices for the sake of reaching the desired goals,” he concluded.  

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