Al Dhabyaniah Committee at the Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Abu Dhabi celebrated today the activities of the World Heritage Day. The participation in the celebration comes as part of its keenness to safeguard the national identity, strengthen its components, upgrade the cultural movement and preserve the authentic Emirati national heritage.

Captain Badriah Misbah Al Fazari, Head of the Committee, noted that the participation in such events promotes the concept of heritage amongst generations. “It is a national duty and a social responsibility reflected in various areas of creativity and life,” she said. Moreover, Captain Al Fazari noted that although each country has its own diverse heritage and celebrates in their own way, however all countries agree that this day represents an occasion to celebrate their authentic national heritage.

The exhibition included a number of festive and traditional activities, along with the display of local traditional products that reflect the United Arab Emirates customs and traditions.
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