During a preparatory meeting, the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ discussed the sports activities to be held during the 2015 upcoming sports season, in the presence of liaison officers from 18 departments at Abu Dhabi Police.

The meeting was chaired by Captain Jamal Essa Al Sa’adi, Manager of the Teams and Championships Branch at the Strategy and Performance Development Department. Attendees discussed several topics on the agenda, notably the 2014 sports season’s championships; in addition to the obstacles, proposals, constraints, and the results achieved. They also tackled the upcoming sports season’s program for the year 2015 and the championships that have been approved and introduced for the new season.     

Captain Al Sa’adi noted that a number of championships for Women Police have been added to the program; other championships for people with special needs to be determined later.

He added, “During the meeting, it was agreed to organize 27 sports championships for various departments of the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, including different types of shooting; modern rowing; road race; athletics championship; Iron Man championship; football tournament; hiking for ADP staff members over the age of 40; the new CrossFit championship; in addition to the Tug of War tournament; long-distance swimming; bicycle race; volleyball; and bowling”. In conclusion, he indicated that the championships will be organized in various stages and periods of time.

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