Tuesday:  24 August 2010 :

Abu Dhabi Police reviews US experiences in air support


A delegation from ADP Air Wing, headed by Brigadier (S) Pilot, Ali Al Mazroui, Director of the Department of Air Wing, has concluded its visit to USA to review and make use of their experience in air policing operations and support. The delegation visited the Central Operation Building in Loss Angles and Orange County.

The delegation also visited the Crisis Management Room.

The delegation paid a visit to SWAT Force which deals with armed situations.

Then they visited the Air Wing Department in Los Angeles City and Orange County. They discussed issues related to air support, police air operations and air photography.

The delegation paid a visit to The Office of Sheriff Laroy Paka, who is responsible for national security of Los Angeles City and Orange County. He received and welcomed them and exchanged with them security issues and general and policing operations and helicopters in particular. The Sheriff expressed his admiration of ADP achievements and development especially in air operations areas.

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