‚ÄčThe Crisis and Disaster Management in the Central Operations Sector of Abu Dhabi Police organized a virtual (remote) workshop on the concepts of business continuity during crises and disasters.

The workshop was attended by the Metropolitan Police Directorate, the Directorate of External Areas and the organizational units of the criminal security sector in coordination with the Virtual Training Center at the Saif Bin Zayed Academy of Police and Security Sciences.

Colonel Ahmed Nasser al-Kindi, Director of Crisis and Disaster Management, said the workshop is part of the annual plan for training, awareness workshops and courses in 2020.

He said that the workshop aims to raise the level of knowledge of the members in crisis and disaster management on the basis of ensuring business continuity and readiness to respond in different circumstances in accordance with the requirements of the National Standard of Business Continuity, which is a government requirement by the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the International Standard for Business Continuity.

Lt. Col. Talal Abdul Rahim Al Ahmad, Director of the Virtual Training Center, said the workshop reviewed the general concept of the business continuity system, which targeted police offcers in Abu Dhabi police stations.

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